Vote for Riftland  

Voting is quick and doesn't cost anything. When you vote, it helps us climb higher on the list so more people can see us. As a thank you, you'll get a vote pack with rewards!

When will I receive my rewards?

After successfully voting, your rewards are given to you instantly!
There will be a [Vote Crate] in your inventory.

How often can I vote?

Most sites only allow 1 vote every 24h, but some will allow every 12h, and 8h.

I didn't receive my vote reward

A) You or someone else in your household has already voted for RiftLand or another server in the last 24 hours.

B) You closed the voting-site before your vote could get processed.

We cannot compensate for failed votes, you will need to contact

the voting site and ask them why your vote did not work.